Why I Write

Everyone gets joy out of something. For me, It’s writing, plain and simple. There is nothing that makes me happier then pressing that blue publish button. Every time I do, I get a sense of completion. I now realize that this is what I was searching for my whole life. When I was a kid, I LOVED sports. The feeling of winning a game was tremendously appealing but, the game always ended and life was still going on. I needed to feel accomplished, I needed to have purpose,so I stopped playing competitively. Sports was my first love, stupid and playful. It never had any potential. When sports drifted out of my life, music came swooping in.

Music is one of my passions don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy making music. It used to be all I thought about. In class, I’d use my hands and feet to make a drum beat on the desk. At work, I’d hum the melody to a song I was working on. I literally use to go on walks to be inspired for creative lyrics. When writing came into play around a month ago, it was a tug of war between two loves. After days of contemplation,  I knew that writing was my destiny when I woke up from an exotic dream and just wanted to write about it. If that happened a year ago today, it’d be a song.

There are so many possible reasons why I write. I’m not really sure but, I think it has something to do with my desire for completion. I wasn’t the happiest person during my music and sport days. I was constantly looking for fulfillment, that’s partially why I abused my XBOX 360 for 5 years, I needed more achievements. My gamer score was my reputation. I would beat games in the matter of days, then complete all the side missions in the matter of weeks. That was enjoyable until I finally grew up. For the past 2 years I had a dynamic duo with hobbies, sports and music. Something was missing in my life, I needed a trio to be complete. Once I downloaded Quora, the third musketeer was soon be found.

At first, Quroa was my go to for life advice and interesting facts. I had little interest in answering any questions me being shy about my opinions. I’d thought no one would listen to me and no one would care, I was wrong. The first question I answered was something about sports. I got enjoyment from giving a proper and correct response to this guys question, so I thought “that wasn’t so bad”. The next question I answered was music related. I expressed my passion about music and my personal opinion on this guys dilemma. That felt real good. From there, I’d answer petty questions with an extended paragraph response, nothing too fancy. Then, I got the question “Whats one thing you’ve been told that you will never forget?”. I went off, I gave the most detailed, factual, relatable response on that question. I acted like I had million followers and someone would actually listen to would I had to say. People did, the response got a crap ton of views, a few up votes and a few encouraging comments. I’ve never felt more alive in my life. I felt complete.

Now, I recreationally play sports, jam out on the side and write my ass off on my free time. The power three is complete. I couldn’t be happier knowing that my 3 hobbies all have a place in my life. They all work together to make me whole. With writing taking most of the weight, there has to be more to it then just completing the task.

As you might know, I’m a very opinionated person. I often get called out and criticized for it. (I think that is wrong but whatever). Writing is where I can be free and uninhabited without fear of resentment. This is my brain on a digital platform and I will continue to think. When I’m at school, I have a to do list

  1. Write 3 answers on Quora
  2.  Post something 3 times on Reddit
  3. Think of 3 Writing Ideas for a blog, book or story.

The 3 answers on Quora is always an opinion based an input about how I can help someone. The 3 posts on Reddit are always self promoting inquires about how I can help myself. The 3 writing ideas is a combination of both. After that’s done, I go home and take action. The magic number for me is three. I always have three projects I’m currently working on. When one is complete, I just go the next one. That’s why I write, its a never ending cycle of opinion, helping and completing. Like this post, my thought is complete.





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