The Teenage Manifesto

WE the teenagers of planet Earth, have declared our independence from the harsh oppression we face in our society.From this moment on, we are hereby relieved of all parental authority and will unify as a single entity. No longer will we have to fall victim to premeditated decisions such as forced education, implicated friendships and destined occupations. For too long, we have lived under paternal rule, For too long, our voice has not been heard, For too long, our future has been decided before conception. We will NOT stand to be censored any longer.

This was an avoidable occurrence. We have given our reasons for our desires time and time again but all we get back are demeaning conjectures that are backed up with little fact. A say is all we have ever asked for and we have got nothing back but insults, resentment and ordinance. Immaturity and ignorance is the only reason you give for the way We have been persecuted. This is no way shape or form a valid argument. How could We learn if We are being consistently coddled for our childish stupidity? This sets the example that the life lessons don’t start till college. Why would We wanna wait till college if our mind is capable of living and learning now?  Our lives are not for anyone else dictations but our own. It is time for a cognitive realization.

One of things all humans are born with is the freedom to express one’s opinion. We will not treat you with the same disregard that you had done to us. We will listen to your concerns. We will respect your concerns, We will admire your concerns.  If at the end of the negotiation our conclusion has not changed, so be it. We appreciate all you’ve sacrificed and put on the line for us during our toddler days but things are different now. We have grown to act and think for ourselves. We no longer need the guidance you offer. You’ve done enough as it is.

From the first day home from the hospital it was YOU  who has been selfishly pushing YOUR passions on us. It was YOU who put the football in our hands, YOU who wrapped a stethoscope around our necks, YOU who put the tiara on our heads. Up to this point, We are something \We are not. We aren’t a product of YOU, We are YOU.


Now there is just one thing We ask of you.  We don’t want your acceptance or your approval. All We want is your permission. Your permission to fight our own battles, learn our own lessons and to find our own self. Things will be a lot easier this way. This is the most important time of are life and We are wasting it in our parents shadow. Please, We still love and respect you. It’s just our time to be set free.




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