Happiness in High School

Happiness is a warm gun. It is a feeling you only get after experiencing internal thrill. Then it just slowly fades with time until your back to the same shitty state you were in yesterday and the day before. Whatever you did yesterday that made you happy will decimate by tomorrow.  The “little things” that don’t matter are only temporary feelings of joy. The game winning touchdown pass doesn’t mean anything in a week. The girl you got with on Saturday doesn’t decrease your horniess on Monday. One good test grade doesn’t grant you academic success. These are things that don’t matter in the long run. Something as amazing as happiness can’t be built up with little pieces. It takes 2 big chunks of life to ultimately achieve happiness. The more of the 2 things you have the happier you will be:

Passions and Ambitions

When I wake up I think of two things, Writing and Music. These are my two passions and ambitions. Before I found these two important pieces of my life, I was on the brink of total depression. I had no friends and my family hated me. These things saved my life and got me out of the hole that I dug myself in and all it took was a little soul searching. I thought of all the things I love as of then and put them together. The things I loved were listening music, weed, alcohol, reading, sports, girls, science and television. The only conclusion I could come up with was learning an instrument.So I begged my dad relentlessly to buy me a drum set. I was inspired to drum because the groove of John Bonham’s beats would move me in a extraordinary way every time I’d listen to Led Zeppelin. When he finally said yes and bought them for me, I loved playing so much but, I wanted to write songs. There has never been a song with just a drum beat. So, I picked up the guitar as well. After about 2 months of the rigorous learning curve, I knew that the guitar was my destiny. I had to become a professional guitarist or else I wouldn’t be able to live a happy life. My new passion turned into an ambition and accomplished 3 of the following things:

  1.  Became Confidant

Now that I had an passion that I loved and ambition that I would refused to fulfill, The future was where my eyes were directed towards. I didn’t give a shit about what anyone was saying about me or thinking about me. My logic was that I’m gonna be successful doing what I love and these people will hate me for it. Ironically this kind of logic only brings people towards you. I made a lot more friends then I ever thought I would have.

2. Made New Friends

My passion paved the way for new opportunities in my classes and my social group. I picked up a Guitar class during one of lunch periods and met a lot of great people that shared my love for making music.  These are the friends that I turn too for input on a new song. When we hangout, we make music together and it always a fun time.

 3. Occupied My Time

Idles time is the devils playground. If you have nothing to do all day you’ll impulsively find something to do that is mindless like TV or video games, or even worse, DRUGS!!! The only reason I became a pothead was because I had nothing else better to do all day. The high was my hobby. Now that I had guitar, my free time was spent jamming out.


Like The Beatles say “All You Need Is Love”. Everyone wants to be loved one way or another. When a girl has “daddy issues”, it’s because she was never felt loved by her father. When a teenager is at home on the weekends dwelling on the fact he’s alone, its because he doesn’t feel love from his friends. Spouses divorce because they don’t feel love from there companion. When I was at my lowest, I had no friends and destroyed whatever family attachment I had left. There was no love for me and that was all I wanted. I kicked my disgusting weed habit, improved my grades and looked towards the future with high hopes. Over time I gained the respect of my family back, they loved me again. I apologized to my old friends for the things I had done wrong and eventually we became close again. Love is essential for happiness. Once I got love, I got happy.

One is no more important then the other. Someone can have all of the love in the world and still be left feeling empty inside with no drive, no direction and no destiny. It’s just as easy to have multiple passions and be left alone with no one that gives a damn about you. Especially in high school these to thing are extra important. There could be a lot of dark, lonely, boring days in those 4 years if you have nothing to do or no one to share it with. Work on finding these 2 under rated necessities and you will eventually find what we all are looking for. Happiness.

In my next post, I will tell you how to find these things.




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