How To Find Yourself (In High School)

For me, the road to finding myself was bumpy and unpleasant. There were various redundancies that occurred that changed my life and the direction it was headed in . The most vital one was drugs. Without drugs I would certainly not be the man I am today.  They brought me a low point that I could of never seen myself getting too.  This allowed me to be most susceptible to great change and new opportunities. I had no where to go but up. To dig myself out of the hole I made from myself, I had to do something I’ve never done before. I had to take a new approach to life. I had to say “YES”. For years I remained stationary because I kept saying “No”. The one time I said “yes” i ended up with a drug problem. The point is, When I said “yes” things changed. It might not have been for the better but, it still was change. You’ll never find yourself if you don’t change yourself. New experiences can only be achieved with the word “yes” and new experiences is how you find your passion. Through trial and error it is inevitable to find what your looking for. Say “yes” to enough of these 3 things and you’ll find your passion:


NEVER say no to a new friend, I beg of you. It is the simplest route to find a new passion. Your friends have the power to influence you in ways that no one can explain. My friends influenced me to do drugs but because of those friends I learned a lot about myself. I learned I didn’t wanna be a deadbeat drug addict that spent his days leaned over a bong. I also learned how much I loved music. One time on an acid trip I was listening to psychedelic rock music. For some internal reason it was just moving me in a peculiar way. I never felt so emotional. I had an epiphany, I knew that making music was one of the things that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. This continues to be an ambition of mine.

In the beginning of 11th grade, My friend Avel convinced my whole friend group to start working out. We all gained increasing love from the gym as time went on. Some more then others but we all still love to work out. One of my friends even found his passion. He vows to build his life around working out because that is what he loves. He wants to be a professional body builder and eventually a owner of a gym. All because of our friend Avel. Say “yes” to friends and you’ll be influenced towards new opportunities. New opportunities mean potential passions.


Don’t knock anything till you try it. Everyday in High School you probably walk by at LEAST 10 potential hobbies and probably think “I could never do that” or “I don’t wanna do that”. Well, How the hell do you know if you’ve never done it?!?! There are so many hobbies up for grabs in High School it’s mind boggling. If I knew the power of “Yes ” freshman year, I couldn’t even tell you where I’d be. Whatever interests you, do. Eventually, you’ll find what you love and you will be surrounded with people that love you for YOU.


I wanted to take so many classes when I was an underclassmen but, I didn’t want to let myself out to the world. I was too scared what every one would think. When I wanted to join a creative writing course in 10th grade I over thought myself into believing the course was too “girly” and everyone would make fun of me. This remains to be my biggest regret up to this point. If I took this class, my other passion would’ve been found 2 years earlier and I would be 10 times better at it then I am now. Instead, I choose electives that were in my comfort zone like Sports Marketing, Sports and Modern Society, and Forensic Science. Say “yes” to classes that you don’t know but, wanna know. Not only will it expand your knowledge, it will bring you closer to finding your passion. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Actually look for your destiny, don’t let it find you. It might never will.

Friends, Hobbies , Classes. 

Say “yes” to these things and your passion will be found. Don’t let your hormonal driven thoughts get the better of you. No one cares what your doing or who your talking too. They are too busy worrying about their self. With these 3 vital passion finders, you’ll find love with the people you meet and with yourself. Now go look.




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