The 5 Reasons Why Every Teenager Should Get A Job

1. Money. (obviously)

Piggy backing off mom and dad is not only a burden but its also an inconvenience. Every time I’d ask for money  from my parents they’d respond with the expected “What For”. When I tell them the reason they would always give me  less then what I needed or the bare minimum. When I hung out with my friends I would only get 5 to 7 dollars for the whole day.  For LUNCH and DINNER. This is why I am so skinny.

There was no worst feeling then going to the movies and only having enough for the actual movie. I just started having popcorn at the movies like 2 years ago, when I got a job. Having unrestricted finance at a young age is a game changer. With your parents blessing of course, the world is your oyster. Whatever activity you want to do, whatever event you want to go, whatever you want, its yours. You have no bills, take advantage of it while you can.

2. College

It’s common knowledge that the stereotypical college kid is broke. Fortunately this can be avoided. Spend your teenage years getting paid. College is suppose to be the best time of your life you don’t want to be the guy who is working on the weekends as a dishwasher at Applebee’s  just to feed himself. You will have other things to worry about like that English paper due Monday or the weekly frat parties. Money should be the last thing on your mind in college and it could be if you start working NOW!!!!

3. Financial Responsibility

My Dad always says “your yearnings cannot exceed your earnings”  this is basic when it comes to financial stability. Sadly, most people learn this the hard way. My sister is exhibit A. She is the stereotypical broke college student. She started to work much to late in her teenager years (senior year) and had very little money saved for college. Once she got her credit card she went on a spree of shopping and dining, not tracking her transactions. Over time this accumulated into massive debt. She wouldn’t look at prices closely or think about her purchases. She was a retail stores wet dream. Oh, I forgot to add that my parents were giving her money to support herself in college. This was the worst thing they could’ve done. Since my sister didn’t work long enough for her money and got it handed to her, she never learned the value of a dollar. She was stuck in the common “spendthrift” phase of newly acquired income. Once she got money, she spent and spent until the credit card companies wouldn’t let her no more. Don’t be my sister. GET A JOB.

4. SEX

The beauty of a teenage job is that you are most likely working with your friends or peers. This include the opposite sex. It is the Ideal place to find potential partners. For hours out a time you are forced to stand near these attractive people with countless conversation starters screaming at you. Because most people don’t take teenage jobs seriously, sexual assault isn’t be problem. The only issue is the potential falling out. It will be really awkward working together after insertion but at our age, sex is sex.

5. Occupation

“Idle time is the devils playground”. A job will keep you out of trouble. Boredom is the reason I started using drugs. I just wanted to pass the time. I would literally go home to a bong pack and a unhealthy meal, then pass out in a retarded daze, wake up, then take another bong hit and stay up for most of the night without doing my homework. Obviously, it effected my grades negatively. It’s a shitty feeling going home and watching TV till bed time 5 days a week. A job will not only occupy that wasted time but, will give you money, sex (maybe), responsibility and future relief.

What I Do At Work

As a pizza delivery driver, I have very little responsibility and get paid like 20$ an hour (tips included) to do so. All I do at my job is chat up sexy hostesses, listen to music or podcast during deliveries and hangout with my coworkers who are all my age and are all very cool people. Yeah I have to sweep and mop at the end of the night and change a garbage every once and a while but it beats being broke, bored, stupid and horny.

GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!



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