A Message From a DRUNK Teenager

I’m not gonna lie, I’m drunk.  This post could end up really good or REALLY  bad. Some feedback would be nice, but I know not to expect anything. They say there is only 2 guarantees in life, death and taxes.  I pay taxes every day but I still have yet to see the death portion. Whatever, that is not why I have decided to post tonight, even though it might be a crucial aspect of the popularity of the post. Anyway, I digress.

My night was great. Me and 3 of my friends decide to go bowling for the first time in like 2 years. Of course being teenagers, we had to get fucked up beforehand. Some things just aren’t as fun sober. Like for instance, earlier in the day all of us went to the basketball court to ball up. We were all sober. It was okay but, I feel like it would have been a lot more enjoyable if we were high or drunk.  If we were high, we would of made fun of the best guy on the court because we thought his moves looked funny. If we were drunk, we would of gotten so physical that the game would of been a erratic spur of constant fouls. That sounds a lot more fun then “basketball”.

On the other hand, bowling was like a sea of endless bliss. I was happy from the second I walked in to the second I walked out. The whole bowling scene fit like a glove. First off, beers were only 5$. That right there could have made my night. Then, we all placed a bet on the first game and I WON!!!!!  I almost cried when I won, money just makes me so emotional.  Afterwards, I was driven home. This brings me to sitting in front of my laptop typing up this post.

What did I learn from tonight? DRINKING MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER. Here’s why…

There is no way I could of won at bowling sober. I SUCK. My friends were just drunker then I was. 

If beer wasn’t so cheap then I wouldn’t get as drunk as I want. I am not made of money you know.

Basketball sucks. (Unless you down a forty or smoke a joint before you play).

Remember. When life sucks, it can be better with one trip to the liquor store. Good night.



4 thoughts on “A Message From a DRUNK Teenager

  1. I think drunk bowling is a nation high school past time. I used to do it all the time, shit was a blast. If you want some honest feedback, you’ve got some spelling and grammar mistakes that you should fix. I know you wrote it drunk, but it makes it a choppier read. Also, careful with the drinking. I had the same mentality when I was teenager, and I ended up facedown in the dirt at coachella after OD’ing on molly/ being too drunk. Moderation my man

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    • Hahahah, Thank You for your feedback. I will try and revise my post very carefully from now on. And I know the drinking is bad news, but I recently ingrained a new rule in my head for extra precaution. “Never go past 4 drinks and Never mix your drugs”. This is a rule I try my hardest to implement because like you I have ended up on the floor fucked up out of coherence. (I was actually gonna blog about it later in the week).Moderation is key. Thank you again for your comment, it is much appreciated.


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