FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. The Power of Being a Phony.

I hate to admit but, I’m a phony.  I deliberately change my personality for personal gain or pleasure. I do this all the time. Its not that I want to but in certain situations the only time I could be happy is if I pretend I am someone else. Let me explain. I went to a rave a few weeks ago. Me being a genius and everything, I thought it would be just as fun going in sober then drunk. When I walked in I realized I was sadly mistaken. There were people dancing erratically, there were girls half naked, there was even a life sized robot that was going around picking people up and conversing with people. It was a drunk mans paradise. And my friends and I were sober, confused, and out of place. We were standing in the middle of the dance floor awkwardly bobbing are head to the beat of the music while everyone around us were drunk and going crazy. After about an hour of quirkiness , I had enough. I leaned in to my friends and said “It looks like were going to fake it till we make it”. They gave me a curious look and insisted It wasn’t going to work. I knew it was going too because I have seen and done it so many times. It has worked 100% of the time, including this time.

When the next song turned on so did I. I started to aggressively dance and flail my arms like a car wash blow up doll. My friends started laughing at me. They thought It was really stupid to try and have fun. After looking like I was having a lot of fun, I noticed I became the life of the party. Girls were flocking to me and the men were cheering on my dance moves. This caused me to actually start having fun. For a brief period of time I lost my friends in the crowd. I didn’t care because of the good time I was having without them. 40 minutes later, I found them and they were looking for me like I was baby on amber alert. I looked at my phone and saw 5 missed calls and about 10 concerned text messages. When they found me I was dancing with a really hot girl. They were happy for me but dissapointed in themselves. I leaned in close to them and said “fake it till you make it”. Then I continued to dance with the hot chick. Later in the show, I saw one of my friends in a mosh pit throwing people around like rag dolls. I’ve never seen him happier. He was full of energy and having the time of his life. My other friend unfortunately, remained in a stubborn uncomfortable state. He asked us if we wanted to leave early. We Did.

I think I danced for 3 straight hours that night with no break. It was amazing how my brain was fooled by actions. I don’t really think dancing is that much of fun. I just imagined the person I wanted to be (an out of control, sober dancer) and did everything he would do (dance uncontrollably). This applies to everything. There is a reason why there are countless books on faking it till you make it. It works. Be a phony to be real.




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