No Sleep? No School.

Last night, I didn’t go to sleep. It wasn’t by choice, it just didn’t happen. There were various times throughout the night where I would watch something, fool my brain into thinking I was tired then try to fall asleep. I didn’t the first time I tried or the second time, there wasn’t even a third time because I had little hope for success. I accepted the fact that the night was going to be one of poor sleep. Once 5 o’clock came running around, I knew it was going to be a night of no sleep. Eventually, around 6, I fell asleep.

My mother came bombarding into my room an hour later to get my ass up for school. I looked at her with no intention of getting up and said the words “no sleep, no school”. She stared at me like a hawk and said “what the fuck are you saying , go to school”. After an hour of relentless demands, she finally stopped harassing me and let me sleep. I woke up at 3 o’clock and didn’t get outta bed till 4. I felt a little shitty when I got up but that’s a better feeling then being a zombie at school. Whenever I go into school sleep deprived, it is to no ones benefit. I don’t pay attention in class, when I do pay attention there is a very little chance I will retain any information, my friends can even sniff out when I get little sleep. They’ll say something like “you look fucked, you sleep at all last night?”.

Maybe some people can go about there day without sleep but I know I need my 7-8 hours for peak performance. Hell I’ll take 5. I need something. I can’t go back to 11th grade. In 11th grade, I had a very erratic sleeping schedule. Since I was working 5 days a week right after school till like 830 at night and would spend the rest of my night doing homework. I usually wouldn’t finish until like 3 in the morning. That was pretty much my whole junior year. My grades were through the roof but , my body was decaying from the inside out. I felt like shit everyday. I would drag myself through the halls, slumping my shoulders, walking like a depressed cartoon character. It was hell.

I’m half way through senior year and college bound. I can afford to miss a few days just for sleep. Looking back on it I wish I missed a few days last year for sleep. Sleep deprivation is torture. It’s like a bad trip. You see things that aren’t there, you hear your name being called when nobody said it. It makes me feel borderline schizophrenic.

The cognitive benefits of sleep should not be overlooked. A good nights sleep, improves memory, concentration and creativity.  All of which will improve productivity and efficiency in school. Caring about your school work is important but caring about your body is imperative.  Get ya’ sleep. 


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