The Decisions We Make Will Shape Our Lives Forever

I feel like death. My ear has a lingering pain, my right eye is bloodshot, and every time I swallow my throat feels like it’s going to collapse. I am well passed sick, I am basically bed ridden. Nevertheless, I went to work today. Delivering pizzas on a harsh, windy, 20 degree day isn’t ideal, but at the same time I really didn’t feel like getting fired. Since working as a delivery boy is probably the easiest job anyone could have, the day went by pretty quickly. It wasn’t until after work I started to get a little annoyed. My friends informed me of a big party that most my grade was going to, I really wanted to go but, I really needed the rest. I was torn between the pros and cons of the situation. My brain was telling me GO and my body was telling me NO. It was a matter of short term benefit and long term benefit, it was pretty clear what I should choose. So I did. I went home, ate dinner, and played video games. Once I took a shower it became obvious why I made the right decision even though it wasn’t so apparent at first. I’m glad my conscious didn’t overcome my gut this time, it usually does.

My instincts have always been on point and my morals for the most part were good hearted. I never wanted to hurt anyone, I always had good intentions. These good intentions were certainly not enough to keep me out of trouble. I was arrested twice and put on probation because I couldn’t listen to the little voice in my head that was actually looking out for me. He was shut down by my drug infected brain that just wanted to keep the night going. The night kept going alright, in handcuffs at a police station.

I think it is always good to look at every decision with the short term benefits and the long term benefits in mind.  If my friend and I didn’t burn down mailboxes with tiki torches I wouldn’t had to live life on a leash for a year and a half. We probably wouldn’t have any fun that night if we didn’t, but I will take a boring night over an issue with law enforcement any day of the week.

Lets say I went to the party in my current state. I had a few shots of whisky and started singing and dancing like a buffoon, lets say it was a great night, until i woke up. I might of woke up in excruciating pain, worse then the night before. It might of hurt so much I had to go to urgent care, when I got there they might of told me I had pneumonia and had to stay for extensive treatment. That sounds like hell. For all I know that could have been a reality.

With every decision I make, I measure the risks and rewards in depth. Then I look at the short term benefits, and long term benefits. If everything looks safe and worth while, I engage. If it doesn’t, I come home, eat dinner, and blog about it. That sounds a lot more fun then being arrested or suffering from pneumonia. There will always be another night and there will always be another party, the way I see it, I only have one life and I don’t want to waste it on something that will be gone when I wake up.




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