Snow Days, Where Most Time is Wasted.

I fucking hate the snow. Everything about it just pisses me off. Here are 10 reasons I think the snow sucks.

  1. It’s cold. I hate the cold.
  2. It causes car accidents. I was delivering pizzas in the snow one time and my car flew off the road into a sign.
  3. It keeps me in my house for long periods of time and forces me to stare at a screen for 8 hours straight.
  4. Shoveling.
  5. My work is closed so I lose a paycheck.
  6. The gym is closed so I lose a workout.
  7. Friends don’t want to hang out.
  8. It is danger going anywhere outside of your house.
  9. Getting snow off your car the next day is a hassle.
  10. Last but not least, you have to look at it for the next week or two. The sight of brown snow on the side of the road makes me want puke.

I guess not going to school isn’t that bad but what good is it if you are condemned in your house for the next 24 hours. It kind of defeats the purpose.

When I think of snow days, I think of time wasted. I think of all the people sitting on their couches vegetating in front of their television justifying their actions by insisting “it’s a lazy day”. That is bullshit. Nature gave you a day to write your novel, to write your song, to finish your overdue homework and for some reason people still don’t do jack. They’ll text themselves into boredom, they’ll play Play Station for hours, they’ll lay down until its a problem to get up, they’ll run away from any sort of productivity. And FOR WHAT? A little snow on the ground. It is kind of pathetic.

I have been waiting patiently for a day with nothing to do. I have a few blog posts to do, a quarters worth of home work to complete and have to catch up on some reading. It is 4 O’clock right now and I have been the utmost productive. A snow day should be your friend, even if you hate the snow like me.

This really goes for any off day, stop bitching and get to work. If your lazy, just stop bitching. Your obligations shouldn’t be anyone else burden but yourselves.



3 thoughts on “Snow Days, Where Most Time is Wasted.

  1. I totally understand your perspective — you make some very valid points. I just can’t agree though, possibly because I live in London, England. Snow is so rare here that, when even the tiniest amount falls, adults and children alike get so hyped — it’s just such a great atmosphere. When we get enough for, say, snowballs (ridiculously rare), the streets are alive with excited kids and grown-ups: it’s brilliant 😄


    • Well London is London. I honestly wish New Yorkers had the spirit to flood the streets for a neighborhood snowball fight, that sounds like a great time but that just isn’t the case. Since our winters are usually brutal, snow is like a bi weekly inconvenience that just makes everything a little more difficult. Although, the first snow day of every winter I have to admit doesn’t bother me a single bit, I sometimes even go slay riding. After that though its becomes a nuisance. It is just very different when you get 6-12 inches of white hell frequently for a few months at of the year, kind of wish I live in London right now. Thank you for your input, it’s nice to see things from other people perspectives.

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