When You Have Writers Block…

Fuck, I actually have nothing to write about. I came to my laptop determined to write an intelligent blog post but unfortunately, the juices aren’t flowing and ideas aren’t clicking. I think I have what most call “writers block”. This is mental state that has affected EVERYONE in the world at least once. Whether it was an English paper, a college essay or a diary entry, EVERYONE has had a moment where they were sitting anxiously at a desk staring at a paper thinking “I have absolutely nothing to say”. This is a very demeaning feeling for me. I always think about about how stupid I might be or how uncreative I am because I can’t fucking write about how Macbeth caused his own demise.

My old solution to writers block never worked and I completely understand why. I use to write the beginning to any random statement and then think about what I should say next. For example, I would write “I have never been…” then think about something I never was. This was either my laziness taking control or my ignorance. This inefficient system always caused my English papers to be more unpleasant to read then it was to write.  I hated every English paper I have ever written, except one, the topic was how modern rap music is bad for society. I loved this assignment and everything about it. It allowed me to research something that I felt so strongly about. I wrote a fluent, organized essay in like an hour, with no interruptions and no lapse of concentration.

For some reason, history essays have always come easy to me. This is because I always had a weird interest in history. When I was young, I use to stay up all the time till the brink of dawn reading holocaust articles and random historical biographies. As I grew older, my interest only grew further. History was easily my best class because I would know most of the content before we were even taught it. The essays would be an automatic 100 and I would always receive a nice little comment on my paper. One time my teacher recommended I become a journalist for my unique analysis and my passionate tone. Who knew a passion for writing would actually happen?

When I have writers block… I take 2 things into consideration. I take a second and look closely at what I am writing about. I think, Do I really care about what I am writing about? Do I want to do this? If one of those questions is no ,then I’ll drop the project and never look back. There is not enough time in life to do things we don’t want to do. However, when it come to school assignments and mandatory job related projects, my advice would be to download the app Quora.

For me, Quora is the most harmless way to get your ideas flowing and a way to gain inspiration from other peoples response. If you don’t know, Quora is a social media app where users ask questions and other users write answers. An example of a question would be like “What caused Macbeth’s downfall”?  Then someone with extensive knowledge of Shakespeare will write a well oriented response with details from the text. The app is very helpful. I personally use it as a warm up. Like a jogger stretching, like a pitcher in the bullpen, like a musician playing the chromatic scale. It is just a way to organize my claim and get subliminal feedback on my writing.

Writers block sucks, but it can be cured. This post is a product of writers block and I think it went well. Thanks Quroa!!!


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