The Ideal Teenager

High school, just typing the words makes me laugh. It is actually the most insignificant time of your life. Yet, if you let the “social hierarchy”, “popularity” or “peer pressure” get to your head. It WILL set the tone for the rest of your life. Let me explain.

My mother was the most popular girl in school. I know this because she consistently brings it up whenever the topic of high school is discussed. Here are a few quotes that she loves to implement into conversation:

  • “My friends called me “den mother” because I made all the plans on the weekend.”
  • “My boyfriend was reallyyyyy good looking.Don’t you think so?
  • “I’m still friends with all high school friends.

This is only a snippet of the conversation. A conversation where she does most of the talking. Why does she love high school? Even though, she’s 52 years old, her mind never left 17.

This is a women who never lived anywhere else besides her hometown,a women who has a Bachelors Degree in Finance but instead remained a bartender for 30 years, and a women needs constant clarification that she still looks young. I love you mom to death but, you’ve mentally just hit puberty.

I always ask her the questions “How come you never left Northport?” and “Why didn’t you ever do anything in Finance?”

She gives me the same response with different wording every time.

“Northport is like my little bubble, all my (high school) friends are here. My friends come into Skippers (where she works) and buy me shots sometimes, that doesn’t happen in Finance.”

Her popularity in High School was the worst thing that could’ve ever happened to her. Everyone looked up to her, she felt like a queen. The ego she developed proved to be her silent adversary. Nowadays, shes obviously not in high school which means she is not getting the admiration she desires. So, where does she turn to? Her family. Because of high school my mother is a narcissist. I noticed this not long ago. She asks for approval for everything she does. She’ll clean a bathroom and ask for approval. She’ll buy a car and ask for approval. She’ll renovate a room in our house and ask for approval. She needs to be admired and it’s all because of the most insignificant time of her life, high school.

If I could inspire one teenager to do any of the 3 things I live by, this blog will be a success:

  1. Look at yourself before you judge others. What could possibly be so great about yourself? You are only in high school. Criticizing them won’t make you feel better.
  2. Find yourself. Don’t wait till college, improve at college. If I learned about my passion for writing and music in 9th grade, you might’ve already have known my name by now.
  3. Stay away from the high school stereotypes. This is what holds you back later in life like my mother. You’ll never grow out of your high school stereotype if you believe it.

I will admit, it is very hard to do any of these things. It’s especially hard when you already have a label on your forehead which decides the rest of high school for you and possibly, the rest of your life. Your most likely being generalized by these 10 commen high school stereotypes:

  1. The Popular
  2. The Loser
  3. The Geek
  4. The Stoner
  5. The Jock
  6. The Slacker
  7. The Criminal
  8. The Loner
  9. The Introverted
  10. The Ego

Whether you believe it or not, you are (if not multiple) one of these things. Luckily, I was all of these things and I can show you how to escape. If I could get out, so can you. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself, hell, I did it 10 times in 4 years. I will be doing personalized posts on each stereotype individually with my story and how I got out. The only one I cannot relate to is The Geek, I never had the luxury of being as motivated as them.

ALL of my advice will be based off of my true experiences, reoccurring patterns and logic. The goal is to construct The Ideal Teenager. What is The Ideal Teenager? Just think of the word “me”. From now on YOUR interest’s come first, YOU decide who you wanna be, YOU are the difference maker. The ball is in YOUR court, YOUR move. Will YOU be lit? 

All of the posts in this sub blog can be found easily through the links below:


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